"Hollywood in the Fifties" by Gordon Gow from the International Film Guide Series, now out of print, from 1971.


Vintage Bras (and other underthings...)!

Happy Womens' History Month!
and there never was a demonstration of burning bras in the 60s or 70s... that is just a myth. It stems from a large demonstration that was held outside the 1968 Miss America pageant (they called it "The Degrading Mindless-Boob-Girlie Symbol") in Atlantic City in which women protested the materialistic and vacuous ways that women and their value were being represented by the "beauty" industries that the pageant epitomized. They had a Freedom Trash Can and threw into it items that they were refusing to allow society to pressure them into representing what it meant to be a woman, and some women threw bras into the garbage. Many "feminine product" type of items were thrown out, such as hairspray, high heels, pots & pans, brooms, false eyelashes, as well as Cosmopolitans and Playboys. And bras.


I love this handmade Boho style green enamel Etruscan Revival Hippy dangle low-hung necklace! It is a total cross between 1960s Star Trek Alien-wear and the early 70s long-haired Bob Mackie-styled  Cher. And I love how fashion keeps re-generating itself, taking bits and pieces of the past... the waaay past, and the future, and making it all relevant for someone to look great in today.


MidCentury Modern Copper Tube

Look at this wonderful Mid Century so shiny copper... well, is it meant for a candle, in which case it would cast an incredible shadow-light through that quintessential metal mesh... or as a vase, though certainly not for anything live for water is out of the question.