Original Edison Blue Amberol Wax Cylinder Recording.

I found some of these old cylinders that pre-dated flat discs as media for popular music and other sorts of audio recordings such as speeches. An awful lot of these were produced at the times. The machines to play them on are very hard to come by these days. There is a Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project to get all of these online at the library at the University of Southern California Santa Barbara. You can look stuff up by genre and hear it in streaming mp3! Amazing: obsolete media no more!!



Vintage Reading.

"Here's a Penny" by Carolyn Haywood ('44) and "Under the Apple Tree" by Odille Ousley ('59). Although they came a generation before me, "B is for Betsy" and the rest of the Betsy books were all read fervently by me as a five year old, along with Beverly Cleary's classics. And the likes of the reading primers along the lines of the "Dick and Jane" books that this "Apple Tree" one is one of were massively used and abused by me in a body of collage work I did back in grad school, using primarily the text, cutting out phrases like "we help with the work"; "the family all helps" to juxtapose with all sorts of irreverent imagery. See my etsy page for the pair of these:


More Mad Men Stylin.

Peggy's office... gorgeous light.
Their hotel room in Rome. LOVE the mosaic over the bed!