Coffee Hound!

This made-in-Japan MidCentury cup & saucer was used and labelled as souvenirs for various places or events, like the New York World's Fair of 1964, and has comical graphics inside the cup indicating lines marking what sort of coffee drinker you are based on how high you fill the cup up.


Classic Raggedy Ann & Andy Redux.

The original illustration by the great Johnny Gruelle, circa 1920.


1845 Human Anatomy Lithograph.

Drawing from life by French army surgeon Jean Baptiste Francois Leveille (1769-1829) from the 1845 book "Avec un Atlas de 24 planches dessinĂ©es d'apres nature et lithographiees par M. Leveille", published in Paris and used as reference by artists. 


A Very Cool Hip Camera... The Comet.

The Comet is an Italian camera made in the 50's by Bencini, looking like an SLR but really it has a fixed aperture and shutter so was a sort of precursor to point-and-shoots and is more along the line of Holgas and Annys, though it is not plastic but cast aluminum.