A Wonderful Example of 18th Century fashion.

Because of this figurine I researched fashion from the 18th Century and learned many new terms, like "paniers" and "en fourreau". I discovered a whole world of artists who create custom gowns and have a new appreciation for costume designers who work in film, like the wonderful and prolific Colleen Atwood.


Junk Sale Find of the Century?

Rick Norsigian claims to have bought a box of glass negatives showing landscapes for $45.00 and since then he has had experts authenticate them as being the work of very very famous photographer Ansel Adams, a man whose work helped to solidify national parks by showing their beauty as being truly American icons that need to be preserved. Meanwhile Norsigian is set to make loads of money, not only from the negatives should he choose to sell any, but through prints of them and a documentary he's done on his quest to authenticate them. Ansel Adam's heirs and the estate that owns his name and his work are objecting to all of it. Of course.

Here is the famous Moonrise shot by Adams.