Things Have Changed. on the surface.

Nevada Proving Ground 1950s nuclear bomb tests... how we can be protected. "lets watch it again in stop motion". amazing how the cameras survived.

Feminine Fluff 1967.

from letslookupandsmile's photostream:


Eve Midwinter!

I love the fabulously Mod Midwinter series of tableware. Eve Midwinter developed a glaze called Creation for the series that has speckles of brown, giving the ceramics a real down-to-earth feel. These yellow-themed plates are from the Sun series; there were also the blues (Moon) and browns (Earth).


More Mad Men Retro.

Joan's apartment, her shirt matches the wall. Awesome composition.

Vintage Fairy Queen Illustration.

Made from a piece of paper from a Ukrainian children's book, an elegant fun and funky adjustable antiqued silver ring with a lace edging.


Harlequin Girl!

Emblematic of the boy and girl pairs of big eyed performers that hung in so many of my friends' bedrooms, from the 1960s Moppet series by bigeye artist Eden.