Things Have Changed. on the surface.

Nevada Proving Ground 1950s nuclear bomb tests... how we can be protected. "lets watch it again in stop motion". amazing how the cameras survived.

Feminine Fluff 1967.

from letslookupandsmile's photostream:


Eve Midwinter!

I love the fabulously Mod Midwinter series of tableware. Eve Midwinter developed a glaze called Creation for the series that has speckles of brown, giving the ceramics a real down-to-earth feel. These yellow-themed plates are from the Sun series; there were also the blues (Moon) and browns (Earth).


More Mad Men Retro.

Joan's apartment, her shirt matches the wall. Awesome composition.

Vintage Fairy Queen Illustration.

Made from a piece of paper from a Ukrainian children's book, an elegant fun and funky adjustable antiqued silver ring with a lace edging.


Harlequin Girl!

Emblematic of the boy and girl pairs of big eyed performers that hung in so many of my friends' bedrooms, from the 1960s Moppet series by bigeye artist Eden.


Cicely Mark Barker's Flower Fairy Alphabet.

Oh, Cicely Mary Barker, you had such a wonderful, whimsical concept, using your sister's kindergarden students and the gardens around you to birth the Flower Fairies! Thank you, and thank you for being influenced by the pre-Raphaelites, such detail and colour and life amidst the somehow more peaceful natural world.

I found a 1934 edition of her book and here are all the plates for sale! How awesome they would look framed in a row in some lucky child's nursery.


A Wonderful Example of 18th Century fashion.

Because of this figurine I researched fashion from the 18th Century and learned many new terms, like "paniers" and "en fourreau". I discovered a whole world of artists who create custom gowns and have a new appreciation for costume designers who work in film, like the wonderful and prolific Colleen Atwood.


Junk Sale Find of the Century?

Rick Norsigian claims to have bought a box of glass negatives showing landscapes for $45.00 and since then he has had experts authenticate them as being the work of very very famous photographer Ansel Adams, a man whose work helped to solidify national parks by showing their beauty as being truly American icons that need to be preserved. Meanwhile Norsigian is set to make loads of money, not only from the negatives should he choose to sell any, but through prints of them and a documentary he's done on his quest to authenticate them. Ansel Adam's heirs and the estate that owns his name and his work are objecting to all of it. Of course.

Here is the famous Moonrise shot by Adams.


Antique M.Stein Cosmetic Co. Assorted Grease Paints.

M. Stein is described as "the preeminent maker during this time period of theatrical face powder used by stage actors off and on Broadway" by one antique dealer I found.



"When Lights Are Low".

The paper is punched and has the text of the lyrics running down the side in an awesome vintage font... the poetics of the song and its antique aesthetic is what makes me think it would be awesome wallpaper. http://www.etsy.com/listing/47112061/antique-paper-player-piano-roll-when


Retro Mosaic Ashtray... "Ashtray"?!

I love these vintage tiny ceramic tiled ashtrays! I used to have a bunch of them but after the last big move I whiddled it down to just one fave. So now when I find one in good shape I put it up for sale to spread the love. Funny thing is that no one seems to describe them as "ashtrays" anymore.... we still smoke cigarettes but I guess its just no p.c . to talk about ashtrays! (And by the habits of some of my neighbors, it seems we dont use ashtrays anymore either...) Check out this round black & gold speckled one: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=42201272


Montreal's Capri Lounge!

An ad from the 1950s. My dad, who was a comedian, played there back then. Love the cocktail graphic!


Cut Glass Relish Dish.

I saw this and immediately it caught my eye: I just love the deeply-grooved pattern and how sharp and symmetrical it is, even in rectangle form. The starburst and repeated etched edges are somewhat Atomic yet can harken back to a white-washed kitchen with Mom in an apron mixing her pancakes in a giant red Pyrex bowl sometime in the 40s even. I know it was originally meant for entertaining, part of a tray outfit for condiments, but how useful and lovely it would be on a desk or vanity, laying in the sun, a convenient collection space for little things like coins or paper clips.


"Charley in New Town"!

from youtube, about this BFI classic:
'New Town' is an entry in a Central Office of Information-sponsored animated series featuring the everyman character Charley, and promotes an escape from grimy, smoggy towns and arduous commutes to work. With the highly distinctive animation style of husband-and-wife team Halas and Batchelor, this short aims to explain the rationale behind the planning of the new towns, with their enticing offer of green open spaces and a type of housing to suit everyone.