Cut Glass Relish Dish.

I saw this and immediately it caught my eye: I just love the deeply-grooved pattern and how sharp and symmetrical it is, even in rectangle form. The starburst and repeated etched edges are somewhat Atomic yet can harken back to a white-washed kitchen with Mom in an apron mixing her pancakes in a giant red Pyrex bowl sometime in the 40s even. I know it was originally meant for entertaining, part of a tray outfit for condiments, but how useful and lovely it would be on a desk or vanity, laying in the sun, a convenient collection space for little things like coins or paper clips.


"Charley in New Town"!

from youtube, about this BFI classic:
'New Town' is an entry in a Central Office of Information-sponsored animated series featuring the everyman character Charley, and promotes an escape from grimy, smoggy towns and arduous commutes to work. With the highly distinctive animation style of husband-and-wife team Halas and Batchelor, this short aims to explain the rationale behind the planning of the new towns, with their enticing offer of green open spaces and a type of housing to suit everyone.