The Best TV Room EVER!

Is that a rug or a meadow? Wow, I love this illustration... love all the MidCentury Modern pieces, maybe not so much the odd treeTV... it is kinda small by today's standards and a strange focal place for the room... maybe it should be replaced by one of those funky hanging root vegetable-like fireplaces? but then the table may get too toasty... hmmm... needs some work.


Awesome Collection of Paper Dolls!

I found an old Eaton's box of tons of cut-outs for 18 different paper dolls: there are Raggedy Ann & Andys, 2 large 1940's blonde girls, and a bunch of little 1950's kids with names on their chests! The clothes are incredible - such a fashion find, an amazing sampling of the era's styles. Check out the other photos at:


Green Glass Decanter Set: Effervescent;exquisite;luminous;graceful.

"it seems to belong to flighty beings, to angels or a goddess, to someone delicate and gentle". Really.